Dini Moorhouse |       Scentsy's First Consultant

First and foremost, I am a wife to a man that is a fantastic support and—by far—my biggest fan. I am a mother to 6 magnificent children (3 boys, 3 girls) that keep me on my toes and running every second of the day. 

Of course, I am also a Scentsy Independent Consultant—SCENTSY'S 1st CONSULTANT. Being the 1st Scentsy Consultant has been an extraordinary experience from the get go. I have often been asked how I got started with Scentsy and found that many have enjoyed hearing my story, so I thought I would post it for visitors, like yourself. This will allow you insight and most likely answer some of your questions.

Sean, introduced me to Orville Thompson—the President of Scentsy. Sean and Orville worked in service and business together prior to Orville and I meeting. One day Orville made a phone call to Sean to bounce the idea of Scentsy off of him and share what he had come across when he met Kara and Colette (Scentsy founders) in Utah. Sean immediately told Orville about me, my years of experience in the Direct Selling Business and wanted us to meet. We met and Orville decided to join forces - I was tickled at the whole "ball of wax". My, things have progressed amazingly!

Immediately the ideas were racing through my mind. Orville and I couldn't share our ideas with each other fast enough—we had conversations about the day we would sell "1 million dollars". I remember, vividly, the giggles we had as we got to know each other and shared our thoughts and dreams while we wondered if this would truly come to fruition.

When we leased our first office, Heidi, Orville's wife, became even more involved so I had the benefit of working with both of them. Prior to that we worked out of the barn at the Thompson sheep farm, occasionally chasing down the sheep when they wandered.

So much imagination was going on at the Scentsy office as we sought to put in place this SCENTSational company—with party plan in mind. I had the exciting opportunity of doing various things, including putting together the first Consultant Handbook, naming the different levels/ranks of Consultants as well as creating the rewards and incentive program among many other great things.

It has truly been an honor to be drawn in at the commencement of Scentsy in Idaho. I will always feel a sense of pride looking back at the fun, long, hard work as Scentsy really began to grow.

I have learned an abundance of valuable lessons since the origination of Scentsy in Idaho and would not trade them or any of my experiences—be they exuberant or heartbreaking. I decided to stay with what I know and love—going to work and ending up at parties. One of my favortie things is  wearing the Consultant hat, which also permits me to have an extraordinary team—TEAM FABULOUS—Scentsy's original team!  There have been amazing travels all over the world through and because of Scentsy.  Much of my traveling is to rub shoulders and continually build relationships with my TEAM (FABULOUS).

Through Scentsy I have reaped many rewards, one of which is meeting up with scores of remarkable people, numerous I can truly call my friends and have come to trust. While others have taught me valuable lessons. For all, I value.

I marvel at the continued growth of the Scentsy culture going world wide! I always enjoy visiting about Scentsy: the business, the opportunity it offers and the whole "bar" of wax!

—Dini Moorhouse