Scentsy Incentive Trip - Disney World!

One of my most favorite things about Scentsy is that we as consultants have the opportunity to EARN *FREE* Incentive trips, each and every year. Not only do we get paid for working our Scentsy business, we are also rewarded with these incentive trips for all that qualify. These trips are not unattainable by any means! These adventures are planned so well - with heart, imagination and LOVE. For this, I am grateful.

This year was special. We had the opportunity to earn the trip not only for ourselves and our spouses, but for our FAMILY! Whaaaat? And where else could this trip be...the happiest place on earth, (duh!) Disney World! After all, the whole reason that I began my journey with Scentsy was to contribute to my family. This week I was lucky enough to be surrounded by my husband Sean, my handsome son Austin & his beautiful bride Hannah and my ever-adorable grandson Manu. What a treat!


Each and every one of us has a reason, a "WHY" for what we do what we do. My "WHY" is without a doubt my Family. I hope that we all find our "WHY" and focus on turning our dreams into reality.

If you have any questions at all about Scentsy - the opportunity or the products, please let me know!

Until next time....